[SA_scat] IUCr Crystallographic Computing School 2008

Dmitri Svergun svergun at embl-hamburg.de
Mon May 26 08:55:14 BST 2008

          IUCr Crystallographic Computing School 2008
                  * Sharing our knowledge *
                 Kyoto, Japan,  August 18-23


The IUCr Crystallographic Computing School 2008 school aims to bring
together both computational methods developers and users interested in
looking beyond the interface. The format of the school fosters exchange of
ideas via formal lectures, afternoon tutorials, coding challenges and code
comparison sessions. The world-wide crystallographic community (including
macro- and small-molecule crystallography, powder diffraction, and
small-angle scattering) is invited to an intensive session of working
together and learning from each other.

The schedule of the program is available via the web link above. Abstracts
are being added.

Thanks to support from sponsors, we have been able to keep the registration
cost (including accommodation and meals) below 70,000 YEN (ca. 430 EUR, 665
USD). The number of attendees is limited to 80 students. For more
information visit the web site above. The registration deadline is July
25th, 2008.

Organizing committee:
A. L. Spek (Utrecht University , Netherlands)
R. Grosse-Kunstleve (LBNL, USA)
M. Yao (Hokkaido University, Japan) 
A. Nakagawa (Osaka Institute of Protein, Japan)
H. Powell (MRC, UK)
L. Cranswick (NRC , Canada)

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