[SA_scat] Postdoctoral positions available at UC, Berkeley

King, SM (Stephen) S.M.King at rl.ac.uk
Tue May 27 10:35:33 BST 2008

Sent: 24 May 2008 02:02
Subject: Ppostdoctoral positions available at UC, Berkeley


There are positions available for postdoctoral fellows immediately in
Xu's group at UC, Berkeley. Candidates are expected to work on one of
three research areas listed below:



Synthesis and self-assembly of peptide-polymer conjugates.


For postdoc, experiences in peptide chemistry, biophysics and/or living
free radical polymerization will help. Experiences with either
scattering or TEM will also help.



Hierarchical assembly of block copolymer-based supramolecules in thin


For postdoctoral position, candidates need to have thorough background
in polymer science. Experiences with conjugated
molecule/oligomer/polymer will help.



Nanocomposites based on copolymer and nanoparticles. 


For postdoctoral position, candidates with backgrounds either on
nanoparticle or polymer science will be considered. Experiences in
scattering, electron microscopy and AFM will be a plus.


Those who are interested in the postdoctoral fellow positions, please
send the latest CV and pdf files of two representative publications to
txuucb at gmail.com <mailto:tingxu at berkeley.edu> 

Ting Xu
Assistant Professor
381 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Department of Material Sciences and Engineering
Department of Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, 94720-1760
Email: tingxu at berkeley.edu
Phone: 510-642-1632
Fax: 510-643-5792 

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