[SA_scat] Postdoc and technician in SANS Sample Environment at ISIS in collaboration with TU Berlin

King, SM (Stephen) S.M.King at rl.ac.uk
Mon Sep 3 10:24:12 BST 2007

Dear Colleagues,


Two 3 year posts, based largely at ISIS though involving some time in
Berlin, for a Postdoc and a Technician are available from TU Berlin to
develop "modular sample environment and simultaneous sample
characterisation" for the new SANS2d, Small Angle Neutron Scattering,
instrument on the ISIS Second Target Station. These techniques for SANS
and GISANS, could include dynamic or static light scattering, optical
spectroscopy, pulsed electric fields, fluorescence, stopped flow etc.
The grant from BMBF includes a significant sum for the purchase and
development of equipment, as well as quite attractive salaries. 


The postdoc will be expected to develop their own research interests
within the surfactant and polymer group at TU Berlin and to encourage
use of ISIS TS-2 by the wider German colloid community. Whilst the
postdoc will look after scientific aspects the technician will have an
important role to specify, procure, implement and interface complex
equipment, with necessary assistance and training within the ISIS sample
environment team. The technician will have practical experience in an
area such as optics, mechanics, spectroscopy, electronics or sample
environment equipment.


The SANS2d instrument, due to be online in the autumn of 2008, is
ideally suited to the proposed types of experiments due to its high flux
and a very wide simultaneous Q range. These posts provide an ideal
opportunity to become involved in the international development of the
new facility.


For further information please contact directly Prof. Dr. Michael
Gradzielski (michael.gradzielski at tu-berlin.de) or Prof. Dr. Regine v.
Klitzing (klitzing at chem.tu-berlin.de) Tel: +49 30 31423931, Fax: +49 30
31426602.  Applications are required by Sept 29, 2007.


Please pass on these details to anyone who may be interested.


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