[SA_scat] Ready problem with Rigaku RU200

David A. Mannock dmannock at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Thu Apr 8 14:05:04 BST 2004

Greetings everybody. I am having a problem with a Rigaku RU200. I have done 
all of the simple things that I can see in the manual (and from discussions 
with Rigaku service personnel...changing filament, lamps, grounding the 
ports, checking positions of the variac sliders) and from my previous 
experience with other generators, but I just do not seem to be able to get 
a brightly lit ready lamp. It does glow dimly until the kV and mA are 
turned on, then it goes out. The anode rotates, shutters have been cleaned 
and are movable by hand, but the shutter control circuit is not active as 
there is no kV. The manual is next to useless and the company seems to be 
more interested in getting its money for a service call than helping me 
diagnose the problem. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, 
David Mannock 

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