[SA_Scat] Australasian Soft Matter Scattering Workshop - 11th & 12th Feb. RMIT Universuty Melbourne [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

GARVEY, Chris cjg at ansto.gov.au
Sun Jan 17 10:35:38 GMT 2016

Dear All,

Again we organise a scattering workshop for those with an interest in soft condensed matter as found in biology, polymer science, the colloidal domain and interfacial science.  The workshop has some leading experimentalists giving tutorials on light scattering, small angle scattering, grazing incidence scattering, pulsed field gradient NMR and reflectivity.  We will also host a small number of science talks but the primary focus of the meeting is to introduce researchers to a range of scattering techniques, with emphasis on their application to research in soft matter.

The workshop will be held at RMIT University's Melbourne city campus from the 11th to the 12th of Feb.  Attendance is free but registration is necessary.  There is some support available for students to attend the meeting from Australia and New Zealand.

For further information you could visit the workshop's website:

and/or contact the organisers:
Dr Chris Garvey cjg at ansto.gov.au
Prof Gary Bryant gary.bryant at rmit.edu.au



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