[SA_Scat] Postdoc / Researcher Position in Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Haiguang Liu haiguang.liu at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 12:30:42 BST 2015

Scientific Software Developer / Postdoctoral Researcher for imaging
processing and structure biology

*About us*:

The Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) is an
interdisciplinary research institute, promoting researches on basic

The base salary will be starting from 12,000 RMB/month, depending on the
experiences. Outstanding postdoctoral fellow will be nominated for the CSRC
fellowships which provide extra benefits once selected. Housing will be
provided for postdoctoral researchers at low cost (around 1000RMB/month).

*The projects*:

*Position-1: *

Developing software and algorithm to analyze experimental data, with a
focus on the research of biological systems.

This is under a general framework that integrates experimental information
with the theoretical modeling and simulations. The specific tasks are
- Develop programs to process raw data, reduce images to meaningful
- Apply and Develop algorithms to convert profiles to model information,
such as 3D structures, distance constraints;
- Based on the models, propose hypothesis about the mechanism for further
experimental validations.

The data sources include but not limited to
- X-ray scattering/diffraction data, especially the experimental data from
X-ray free electron lasers;
- CryoEM data;
- Single molecule Fluorescence data, such as particle tracking, FRET.

These projects will be carried out in close collaborations with research
groups in the top research institutes (Stanford, Arizona State University,
DESY) and short visits and exchange to the collaboration groups are
strongly encouraged and supported.


Utilizing advanced X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) for crystallography
with Laue diffraction method. Measuring full diffraction intensity is
challenging from the ultrabright X-ray lasers, and Laue method provides an
opportunity to improve the data quality. Collaborating with Prof. Quan Hao
from Hong Kong University, we aim to develop computational simulation and
data analysis framework to *extend Laue diffraction method to XFEL based
structure studies*. Prof. Quan Hao is a major developer of Laue method for
conventional crystallography and will lead the research project.

This position can be placed in our site in ShenZhen, and the selected
candidates are eligible for the benefit and stipends from Shenzhen
government on top of base salaries from CSRC.

*About you*:

- Background in physical sciences, such as physics, chemistry, computer
sciences, and applied mathematics, or computational biology
- Knowledge about programming languages, C/C++, Python
- Familiar with Matlab or other similar scientific software
- Good English in both written and spoken

- Interest in science and strong desires for independent research

Send your CV and research statement (for postdoctoral position) to
Dr. Haiguang Liu (hgliu_AT_csrc.ac.cn <hgliu at csrc.ac.cn>); or

Prof. Quan Hao (qhao_AT_hku.hk
, http://www.anatomy.hku.hk/research/qhao/index.html

More details about the current research areas can be found at

More information about CSRC:


The lab also offers opportunities for short-term internship and visitors.

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