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Dear all,

Please note that the Abstract deadline has been extended to mid-February.

For those of you travelling from outside Europe, the conference follows on from Meca-Sens, allowing you to make good use of your travelling time!

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EUROMAT 2011 will feature a session on Novel Diffraction and Scattering Techniques for Materials Characterization. The scope of the session is particularly relevant to users of ENGIN-X, as well as other neutron, X-ray and imaging methods for the study of materials and engineering systems.

EUROMAT 2011 will be held in Montpelier in September 2011. Details of the symposium are given below, and further information about the conference can be found at:http://euromat2011.fems.eu

For more information about the session, please contact Professor Mike Fitzpatrick, m.e.fitzpatrick at open.ac.uk

Symposium details

This symposium will cover novel methods and applications of diffraction and scattering methods for the study of materials, components and artefacts. As well as conventional neutron, X-ray and synchrotron X-ray methods, papers on novel methods such as microbeam diffraction, combined imaging and diffraction, instrument and software development will also be welcome.

Papers are welcome in the fields of:

Diffraction techniques for the determination of crystal structure and residual stress Imaging methods for the characterization of internal structures and damage mechanisms Small-angle scattering techniques for the study of particle distribution, void development, and alloy behavior Software tools for the improvement of experimental design and implementation New instrumentation for improved experimentation using neutrons and X-rays Applications to novel material systems, engineering products and components, and historical artefacts

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