[SA_scat] ATSAS release 2.2 and SAS forum

Dmitri Svergun svergun at embl-hamburg.de
Fri Aug 10 19:38:27 BST 2007

Dear ATSAS User,
This mail is being sent to you because you might be interested 
in the new release of the small-angle scattering analysis package ATSAS. 
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you may receive duplicate messages. Sorry for inconvenience. 
If you are NOT interested in receiving such announcements in 
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This is to announce a new release of the small-angle
scattering analysis program package ATSAS version 2.2.

For those attending the BSR meeting in Manchester (August, 2007):
demonstrations of ATSAS 2.2 programs will be performed at the EMBL booth.
Please come there if you are interested to learn more.

A SAS forum is created on the SAXIER project Web page
The forum will cover general SAS topics in software and hardware,
SAXIER-related topics (microfluidics, cryo-SAXS etc) and will also contain
ATSAS FAQ and discussion on the use of all ATSAS programs. Everyone can read
the content of the forum, those willing to post their queries will need to
ATSAS 2.2 team: M.Petoukhov, P.Konarev, D.Franke, A.Kikhney, E.Mylonas,
P.Bernado, D.Svergun

===   Main new features of ATSAS 2.2  ====

 --- Ab initio programs ---

A fast DAMMIN implementation (DAMMIF version 09) -- is about 25-40 times
faster than the original version 

MONSA -- a multiphase version of DAMMIN with symmetry option.

SUPCOMB and DAMAVER -- versions accounting for particle symmetry 

--- Rigid body analysis programs ---

SASREF version 7: simultaneous fitting of X-ray and neutron scattering data

BUNCH version 8: possibility to enter distance constrains in the

--- Flexible systems ---
EOM -- a program to characterize intrinsically unfolded proteins or
multidomain proteins with flexible linkers

--- Data processing ---

PRIMUS Version 2.4 - extended user interface, additional data manipulation

AutoRG -- automated computation of the radius of gyration 

AutoGNOM -- automated GNOM version for monodisperse systems

-- Test Web access ---

Programs DAMMIN, GASBOR and SASREF can now be run remotely on the EMBL Linux
cluster at
(http://www.embl-hamburg.de/ExternalInfo/Research/Sax/atsas-online) During
the test phase, four dual core processors will be dedicated for remote

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