[SA_scat] 3-day-GISAXS Workshop May 9 - May 11, 2007 at HASYLAB

Roth, Stephan Volkher stephan.roth at desy.de
Mon Sep 18 11:34:13 BST 2006

Dear small-angle-scattering colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee we are happy to announce 
the 3-day-GISAXS Workshop "GISAXS - an advanced scattering 
"method" to be held at HASYLAB (DESY) from Wednesday, 9th May 
2007 until Friday, 11th May, 2007.

The registration is open from now on. Please, see the website https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=111
for further information.

With best regards
Stephan Roth (DESY)

Scope of the workshop:

After the overwhelming success of the first GISAXS-Workshop in 
2005 at HASYLAB we will continue with the 2nd workshop on 
GISAXS as an advanced scattering method. Grazing incidence 
small angle x-ray scattering (GISAXS) is a powerful method to 
investigate the structure and morphology of thin films and 
interfaces. Applications range from hard to soft condensed 
matter, from colloidal systems, cluster structures and quantum 
dots to technological (bio) polymeric coatings. Especially the 
advent of 3rd generation synchrotron radiation source like 
ESRF and PETRA III using the combination of GISAXS with micro- 
and nanofocused beams leads to the development of novel 
methods like µGISAXS and nanoGISAXS. These methods show an 
ever increasing user community!

This workshop addresses students, experienced researchers, 
senior scientists working in the field of and exploiting the 
potentials of GISAXS in the area of thin film technology. The 
programme is divided in two parts: Introductory lectures will 
be combined with expert lectures by leading experts scientists 
of grazing incidence technology and application. In the second 
part of the workshop we will focus hands-on GISAXS 
experiments: practical data acquisition, on-line treatment and 
simulation of GISAXS data. The practical training will be held 
at the beamline BW4 at the DORIS III storage ring at HASYLAB.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

The Organizers
R. Gehrke - P. Müller-Buschbaum - S.V. Roth

Workshop information
Date & Time:	9th May, 2007 (Wednesday) - 11th May, 2007 (Friday)
Place:		HASYLAB at DESY, Notkestr. 85, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany

Conference Secretary: M. Stolper (maya.stolper at desy.de)

Email:	stephan.roth at desy.de
Web:  	https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=111

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			therefore you might get multiple copies.

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