[SA_scat] Postdoctoral Position in Small-angle X-ray Scattering of Lipidic Mesophases

Martin Caffrey caffrey at chemistry.ohio-state.edu
Sun Feb 5 23:57:11 GMT 2006

Postdoctoral Position in Small-angle X-ray Scattering of Lipidic Mesophases


Membrane Structural and Functional Biology Group

Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences

University of Limerick, Ireland 

The major theme in the lab is structure and function of membrane proteins by crystallographic means.  Systems under investigation include the adhesins/invasins of Neisseria, quorum sensing- and biofilm-related membrane proteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the respiratory complexes and transporters of Thermus thermophilus.  High-throughput crystallogenesis (robotics) using lipidic systems is emphasized.  Lipidomics, lipid phase behaviour, transport (uptake/drug delivery), and The Lipid Data Bank / Membrane Protein Data Bank are other areas of research within the group.  See J. Struct. Biol. 142:108 and 150:23; Structure 12:2113; Acta Cryst. D60:1795; J. Controlled Release 107:97; Biophys. J. 90;200 and http://www.lipidat.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/MPDB/index.asp for more details.  

The lab has state-of-the-art macromolecular crystallography, small-angle X-ray scattering, and related biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology instrumentation and expertise.  Lab members are regular users of synchrotron facilities (APS, CHESS, ESRF, NSLS).  Funding is through Science Foundation Ireland and the USA National Institutes of Health.

A postdoctoral fellowship position is available for work in this multidisciplinary group on the characterization of lipid and lipid/protein dispersions using static and time-resolved small-angle X-ray (and neutron) scattering techniques.  The objective is to establish and to exploit the structure-function properties of lipid systems with application in the area of membrane protein crystallogenesis and drug delivery (see J. Struct. Biol. 142:108 and 150:23 for more details). Lipid targets will have been rationally designed, synthesized and purified in-house.  The opportunity exists for the Postdoctoral Fellow to participate in the crystallogenesis and crystallographic structure determination of membrane proteins being worked on in the group.  

Applicants must have a PhD-level degree or equivalent in a relevant biological, chemical or physical science and significant experience in SAXS.   A good comfort level with instrumentation (design, modification, implementation) and with computer interfacing would be an asset.  

An initial contract of 1 year will be offered which is renewable by mutual agreement. Remuneration and conditions of employment commensurate with experience and track record.  The position is available immediately.Applications including CV, list of publications, names and e-mail addresses of 3 references and a description of experience relevant to the position should be sent to Professor Martin Caffrey martin.caffrey at ul.ie
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