[SA_scat] Ideas needed for SAXS student exercises

karsten.joensen at jjxray.dk karsten.joensen at jjxray.dk
Wed Dec 20 16:19:15 GMT 2006

As more and more pinhole SAXS systems are making their way into  
colleges and universities, I have seen a strong increase in the desire  
to use these instruments for both early graduate and undergraduate  
studies. (in the form of well organized and instructive lab exercises).

This is a trend I would like to support, as it will hopefully build a  
better understanding of and interest in using x-ray studies and in  
particular for SAS in the future generations.

While I can come up with a few examples myself, I suspect this  
mailing-list would be the perfect place to ask for such examples. So:

I would be very interested in receiving any and all suggestions for  
SAXS lab exercises for early graduate or late undergraduate level.

So as not to swamp this mailing list, suggestions can be sent to my  
mail address

      karsten.joensen at jjxray.dk

By mid-january I willtry to compose a list of the suggestions and post  
it on this list again for further comments and suggestions.


Karsten Joensen
JJ X-Ray Systems

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