[SA_scat] Symposium on Scattering from polymers

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Symposium to be Presented at the
National Meeting of the American Chemical Society
Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering

Washington, DC - August 28- Sept. 1, 2005
  (Submission Deadline – April 25, 2005)

	Contributions are invited for oral and poster presentations at the 
symposium, which will cover all areas of scattering from polymers, 
including the use of X-rays, neutrons, and visible light.  Special 
sessions are planned in biopolymers, dynamics, nanotechnology, 
semicrystalline polymers, blends, and block co-polymers.  A good 
mixture of industrial and academic presentations is sought, and 
sessions will include both theory and applications of scattering.  A 
special reception and poster session, high-lighting National and 
International Scattering Facilities, are planned.  In addition, our 
customary Tuesday evening poster session for contributed posters will 
be held jointly with the Polymer Chemistry division.
	All contributions, whether oral or poster presentations, must have an 
abstract submitted electronically through the ACS OASys.  Details of 
ACS abstract submission can be found at: http://www.acs.org/meetings
In addition, the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and 
Engineering requires submission of a Preprint in order to participate 
in the symposium.  Details of electronic Preprint submission can be 
found at: http://membership.acs.org/P/PMSE/meetings/authinst.html
	For additional information, please contact the organizers:

Prof. Peggy Cebe
Physics Department
Tufts University
peggy.cebe at tufts.edu
617-627-3744 (fax)

Prof. Benjamin Hsiao
Chemistry Department
SUNY Stony Brook
631-632-6518 (fax)
bhsiao at notes.cc.sunysb.edu

Dr. David Londono
DuPont Experimental Station
DuPont USA.
302_695-1513 (fax)
J-David.Londono at usa.dupont.com

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