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I did not find this in the archive, so I have reposted it on the theory 
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From: "Wim Bras" <bras at esrf.fr>
Date: May 31, 2004 8:20:03 AM EDT
To: "Discussion list for the Small-Angle Scattering community" 
<sa_scat at iucr.org>
Subject: RE: [SA_scat] Windows for SAXS cryostat
Reply-To: <bras at esrf.fr>


avoid Beryllium. The grain boundaries in it give a high background. IF1
Beryllium from Brush-Wellmann might be good although I don't have any
experience with it. (Henderson J.Appl. Cryst. 28, 1995,820)
Kapton is a reasonable choice.


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